St. Patrick's Day

We did it up for St. Patty's Day this year and it was So. Much. Fun!!  
First, we started by painting gold nuggets to leave for the leprechaun.
 On St. Patrick's morn, we found that the leprechaun had left the gold nuggets all over the house and back yard with a treasure hunt!
Printables from The Crafting Chicks
 Baby girl got into it, too.
 He found the treasure!  Chocolate gold coins.
 Then we had an awesome St. Patty's Day breakfast of rainbows on a stick, pot 'o gold eggs, and St. Patty's pancakes.  We decorated them with clouds in a bottle (whipped cream) and magic clover dust (colored sugar.)  Then topped them with shamrock syrup.  Yum!
 Later, we watched the parade and listened to part of a Mummer's band.  I don't know about you, but we don't think there's anything quite like a small town parade.
 They make me the luckiest momma on Earth.
Hoping you had a lucky day!

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