Project Simplify Week Two - The Pantry

The Project Simplify organizing continues... Last week was the kitchen/pantry.  I did the laundry room because we basically use the shelves in there as our pantry (and the kitchen was already cleaned out when it was repainted about a month ago.)  Here are the before shots:

Just about everything in this room was driving me crazy - the junk on the floor, the overcrowded shelves, no space on top of the washer/dryer to work with.  Blech.  Here are the after shots:

Shoot!  I just realized I didn't get a view of the top of the appliances.  They're totally clear with the exception of the green craft supplies basket for the kids, a small garbage bucket for lint, and our change counter.  It feels so much nicer to walk into without all of the clutter, but I still need to find a better way to store my husband's work clothes and I'm tempted to get rid of all the vases on the top shelf.  Oh, and that bare light bulb... hideous.  Maybe one day I can shoot for this.  It could happen, right?!

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This week it's on to closets, counter tops and drawers!

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