A view of our week as captured through my phone, 
though not necessarily "instagrammed" shots.

As I post this, Bug is lying in bed upstairs with his dad next to him.  He's sick. Got sick all over the kitchen floor.  Then sister tried to walk through it.  Then both children were crying.  Sick and crying.  Not a fun night.
But all is quiet now and I can sit here, reflecting on another beautiful week.
There are always highs and lows, aren't there?

 We made this volcano kit.  It was very cool.  The cement changes colors.
 This is a Double Stuf Half and Half household.
 Soccer started!  At four years old, you have real practices and real games!
It's official... I have the soccer club sticker on the Traverse.  I'm a soccer mom.
If he's not still sick, tomorrow will be his first game! 
I'm going to miss it.  I have to work. (Saaaaaad face.)
 He gathered his animals and posed for a "family photo" before work one morning.
This kid is such a little sweetheart.
 The results are in: she's not dairy allergic! 
All this time, I assumed she was, like her brother.
This is her first time eating yogurt.  She was licking the bottom of the bowl.
 Yesterday was a field trip to the aquarium with her brother's preschool class.
I could hardly get a shot of him, he was running around like a wild child!
She, on the other hand, was strapped to my chest in the carrier, and enthralled with all we saw.
Here's a bit of what we saw:

Hope you had a beautiful week, too.

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  1. Wow! Those jellyfish images turned out amazing!!! And the seahorse is soooo cute!