We had a surprise visit on Thursday from my sister and her 10 week old lovebug.  
I've been spending the past few days doing this.  

It's been grand.


On the Sidelines

Sporting her new spring hat (thanks Gma and Gpa W!), little sister cheered on brother at this weekend's soccer game.


Macro-Study: Volcano

The volcano project I shared on Thursday got more interesting as the days passed!  Check out what happened to the red/gray mountain after about a week.  I have no idea if it was supposed to do this or if it was growing something entirely toxic, but it was pretty sweet to see nonetheless!

Here's the original:

And here's what happened.  So awesome!



A view of our week as captured through my phone, 
though not necessarily "instagrammed" shots.
 A beautiful mess.
 Teaching his sister to blow dandelions.
 She nearly got it!  Although, eating them was much more fun.
 Hop on Pop!
 Getting into the nightly routine.  She loves to do this herself.
Doesn't love it so much when mom has to take over...
 Sunday science!
Fun with baking soda and colored vinegar.
Seen on Pinterest.
 Love dirty toes!!
This was hard for him.  He was so reluctant to get in the mud.  
I was so proud. :)
 Ugh... Really?
 My favorite view (our bedroom window) from my favorite spot (the rocking chair) at my favorite time of day (early evening) with my favorite companions (shown below.)
 After-bath story time.
Warm, clean, snuggly kids.  My favorite.
 "Good Morning, Mom!  I made a mess while I was waiting for you to wake up."
 Bringing the beauty of spring indoors.
I love a flowering cherry.
 Birthday picnic for daddy!
We had to have it in the dining room on a cold, rainy Wednesday.
We had watermelon, sea salt chips, and monte cristos.
I highly recommend them. Nom, nom, nom.
 I knew the moment I saw these bad boys on Pinterest, they would be mine.
Chocolate chip cookie bottom, Orea middle (or Reese's cup. or caramel), brownie top.
Sinfully served warm with vanilla bean ice cream.
Happy birthday, baby.
 Hair before.
 Snip, snip!
 Hair after!
 Donating 13 inches to Children with Hairloss, a Michigan-based
organization that creates free hair pieces for children.
 Kitty Samwich.
Converse love!
I can't believe how big my little boy's feetsies are getting already.

Hope you had a beautiful week!

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This is from a couple of weeks ago - just realized I didn't post it!  We bought a volcano kit from Joann Fabrics for half off after Christmas.  It was tough on the not-so-patient child because you have to pour the volcano cement into the mold and let it dry overnight.  It was further torture on him because our days got busy and we waited until the weekend to make it explode (er... runneth over?) This kit was so cool because as the cement dried, it actually turned colors!  The mountain was a bright red and the crevasses for the lava stayed a greenish-gray. How cool is that?  It was a fun surprise after pouring in the gray mix. Bug had a great time doing this project all by himself!

 Adding the baking soda.
 Measuring the correct amount of water.
 Pouring in the citric acid.
 Special effects!
 And a dab of dish soap.
 Watch the magic!

 Let's do it again!
 Getting a bit more "hands-on".

A fun rainy day afternoon!


Garden Stones

Every year since Bug was born, we've made a garden stone.  I'm not sure how long they'll tolerate their crazily sentimental mother doing hand or footprints, but you can bet I'm hoping it's for many years to come. 

 2008: This one is of Bug's little baby hand inside of his dad's.  
It's getting hard to see.  Time has worn it a bit.  Makes me rethink actually leaving them outside...

 2009: My hand with Bug's.

 2010: Bug's toddler hands as a butterfly.

2011:  Bug and Button's hands.  Button's baby foot.

Thinking of something cute for 2012.
Any ideas?



A view of our week as captured through my phone, 
though not necessarily "instagrammed" shots.
Posting two weeks worth of iPhotos because I missed last week.
And because I can.
Franklin Institute in Philadelpha!  
We got to see their dinosaur exhibit the day before it closed.
The grandparents were in town to join in the fun (and help with the chasing!)
Mix Master B
It was a battle - who had the better cheesesteak: Pat's or Geno's.
What?? No chicken option?? Boooo! 
(I've been beef and pork free for ten years.)
For those that tried them, Pat's was the big winner!
I had to settle for Wawa's new California Something or Other sandwich.  
It was delicious.
This is Ms. Crabby at Crabby Dick's.
She's got the life.
I have an asparagus!!
(What is it about me and food this week?)
Too bad I left it on the porch all night after I plucked it.
Limp asparagus. :-(
Another day at the office.
I'm amazed by my son's lego-building abilities.
He rocks.
She adores her daddy.
Some "Bunny" loves you!
Mmm... loving all things ombre lately. Had to try it with the eggs.
I likey.
Happy face!  
I think this is my favorite easter egg of all time.
So tiny for so little time.  
I cherish baby hands (and feet.)
The egg aftermath.
Going Glam!
She thinks she's cute.
So do I.
Me and my girl.
Flowering trees make me so happy.
 The mobile I made for Button.
Sometimes it looks so dramatic.

Have a beautiful weekend!

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