Hello, again.

Long time no chat.  I have no excuses... and a million excuses.  Regardless, I'm feeling the need now to lay down some words, so here I am.  To say a lot has happened since we last talked would be silly.  In one of my last posts, I said something had to give.  The time I spent here chronicling our lives was a small thing I gave up.  In August, I became a work from home mom.  There was so much I could have written about that at the time, but I was too focused and "busy" (a word I've come to despise) to fully gather my thoughts.  Suffice it to say that it was the best thing I've decided to do in a very long while.  There was a transition for sure, but I feel I have my groove now and I love it.  Love, love, LOVE it.

Birthdays have come and gone.  Bug is five now.  Five!! Holy smokes.  My baby is five...  And Button, my light, my sprite, is two.  A joyful, emotional, delightful two years old.  More on them soon.  I hope.  I do want to continue my journaling here and hope to make more time to do so in the weeks ahead.  Although....

We're selling our house.  And we're buying a house.  Our first home went on the market exactly a week ago and we took an offer on Sunday.  WHOA! Crazy fast!  Now, I'm not going to count my chickens before they're eggs or whatever because there are still many, many pieces that must fall into place before our scheduled settlement date, but now we move forward on bidding on our next home.  And that's what has actually brought me back here tonight: the thought of moving.  There are countless reasons why we want to move out of our current house, a townhouse.  But, as I was doing dishes tonight it stuck me in an emotional way all that happened here and all that we can't take with us when we leave and I'm in a pensive mood about it.  A bit melancholy to be honest (but don't get me wrong, I want to move out of here so bad I can taste it).

There's the bathroom vanity that was my surprise 30th birthday gift.  One of those trendy bowl sinks atop a black cabinet.  I loved it so.  And I still do, but it has to stay.  There's the yellow spot on the white wall of Button's room where Bug tried to help his dad paint and it was so sweet how proud he was for his contribution that we left it there.  I love that yellow spot.  I look at it and see a little three year old boy in just his pirate undies so eager to help and so happy to be working along side his daddy.  There's the green crayon scribbles on the wall in the downstairs bathroom from a bored little girl learning to potty train, there's the three yellow rose bushes in the back yard that were my first Mother's Day gift, and there's the bar in the basement and custom cabinets built by a friend who recently passed away.  Then there are the memories.  There are always the memories.  This is where we went from being a couple to being a family.  Where I labored in the living room, timing my contractions to the clock on the Weather Channel and then just hours after delivering each of the kids, this is where I recovered.  It's where we struggled with fussy newborns and watched so many milestones, spent so many beautiful days.  Those things were all here.  Within these walls.  And it's a little bit hard to say goodbye to that.

I'm excited for our new beginning and making our new house (wherever that may be) our home, but I'm grateful for the growth we had here in our little townhome.  It was good to us and as I am now writing this, I'll shed a tear when we close the door here for the last time.