Yay for Wooly Baby!

Check out my girl in this adorable and oh-so-soft cashmere hat by Wooly Baby.  She rocks a hat.  And I love that all of Wooly Baby's products are made out of recycled (up-cycled) wool and cashmere sweaters and such that have been felted.  Awesome, eco-friendly, and cute!  We also have a pair of red slippers that are so soft.  We love them. 


Something's Gotta Give...

And I decided it was the blog.  It's been a month since my last blog post and I'm not really sure when I'll start updating this space again.  It's summer.  We're chasing kids, playing outside, staying up late, enjoying this season (both of weather and of our lives.)  I might come back next week, or I might not.  Till next time!