Happy Halloween!

Because Halloween is my favorite holiday and because I turn to mush over babies in costumes, you *might* be seeing a few Halloween posts of the kids.  I had to get out and get some pics yesterday.  It's supposed to be awful weather this weekend (and it is... rainy, slushy, yuckiness.)  We found the perfect spot. 



One of my own BFFs, someone I've known since I was in my dorkiest of dorky phases (a good 20 years ago!), had her first (and only) child just 3 months before Bug was born.  We don't get to see them nearly as often as I'd like to, but when we do, our little cuties are BFFs, too.  We secretly hope they fall madly in love and get married one day.  ;-)

Man, my boy was kickin' some crazy bedhead that day!


Field Trip!

Bug went on his first field trip with school.  He was so excited to ride on the school bus - a first for him!  Dad went as chaperone and they had so much fun at a local orchard.  They did a straw maze, visited farm animals, picked apples, and learned how apple cider was made.  Of course, fresh doughnuts were involved (and brought home for mom!) 


Button ~ 10 Months Old

She sprouted three new teeth over the weekend.  She takes teething like a champ.  Just some minor fussiness.  She loves to stand and walk.  Climbing stairs is still super cool to her, too.  She is saying "up" and "caaaaa" for kitty cat.  She hums or sings when she's happy (mostly when she's eating!)  She is getting an opinion (I knew the day would come...) and to show her dissatisfaction, she squeals like a little piggy.  She is Sunshine.  She is Love.


Family Photo Sneak Peak!

Last year, I took family photos in the Fall, starting what I'd like to be an annual tradition.  In our area, mid to late October is perfect timing - cool, but not cold and perfect color.  This year, we enlisted the help of our friends, Kim and Andrew, to shoot and distract.  Thank Goodness!  I can't imagine trying to get two kids to look at the blinking light on the tripod...  Our little man was acting like an almost 4 year old and the little girl was tired, but full of smiles.  Here's a sneak peak:

P.S. Isn't the sweater to die for?  Kim made it.  I'm in love.


The Things I'll Miss

I know full well that each and every stage of childhood has it's own amazing and wonderful aspects.  Having seen one child go through so many stages already, it was funny how I'd tell myself "this is my favorite age!" and yet each phase gets better and better.  It all happens so fast.  I told Button not to grow up as fast as her brother.  She's not listening.  She's growing up even faster it seems.

Other than for the pure joy I find in it, I think why I'm so drawn to photography, is that I have an awful memory.  I'm compelled to capture all those moments that I don't ever want to forget.

I don't ever want to forget~

* Button's hand bent backward on my chest while she nurses
* her right leg up, left leg down way of crawling
* how she holds her pacifier when she's nursing and sometimes uses it to take a breather
* open mouth kisses
* her baby hands clapping, soft and uncoordinated 

* Bug's squeaky voice and how it up-turns with all of his curious little questions
* his face when he sees his sister first thing in the morning
* how he holds my hand when I lay with him at night, then lets go when he's ready to turn over and fall asleep
* how he thinks it's the fairies who leave him treats and surprises around the house and in the yard

These are the moments.  I know I have so, so very much to look forward to, but I will miss these things immensely.



If you're family, you may have already seen these on Facebook or in our Phanfare albums, but I couldn't help but share a few videos here of our funny girl.  Enjoy!

It was the first time she wore those shoes.
Baby shoes without tread are useless.
She did finally make it up. :)


This is at my boss's house where she hangs out with her nanny during the day.
She's doing two of her favorite things - screeching and walking.  
The long hallway has killer acoustics.


Beyond Capacity

She laid on my chest & her breathing filled me
almost to beyond what I could hold. 


Hello, Baby

The kids have five cousins on their dad's side - three girls and two boys ranging in ages from 1 to 13.  They're wonderful cousins and we only wish we could see them more often.  Two are in Georgia and three are in Michigan. 

My sister is now pregnant (due in March!) and just this week, we received the ultrasound photo via text.  Here are the babes "meeting" their new cousin.  We're so excited for the new arrival, I can hardly contain myself!



That's what she is!  My snuggly, sweet little girl is a Pistol!  She is so fast.  So determined.  So smart.  She's going to give me a heart attack.  This girl gets herself in more sticky situations than her brother ever did!  She climbs stairs (in fact, heads for them as soon as you turn your back, and she is FAST.)  She won't stay seated in her high chair, not even with the straps. She wiggles right out of them.  I don't even know what to do about that one.  I guess we'll soon be giving up the high chair because it's just too dangerous.  She LOVES rough housing.  We tell Bug to take it easy when he plays with her, but in all honestly, the rougher he is, the more she loves it.  She's a wild woman.  What's an over-protective momma to do??


To Protect Them Forever

Isn't that our job? I think so. To keep them safe, healthy.  To guide them into being caring, responsible, independent people so that one day when they leave us, they will do alright and are the kind of person we're proud to have brought into this world. 

Bug is a sweet, sweet boy.  I don't feel like we've sheltered him... okay, well maybe I have a little, but I think I've mentioned here before that I strive to protect the innocence of childhood and to maintain a sense of wonder for as long as possible.  I take those things very much to heart.  The big bad world will teach her lessons in due time.

So the other night, Bug and his dad went out to the store and when they returned, my husband said that Bug was doing some of his "ninja moves" in the parking lot when a car near them with two boys, probably around 8 or 9 years old, started laughing at him.  And not in the "oh, look, he's cute" sort of way.  They were being mean.  By the way, they were ALONE in the car!  Who does that anymore?!

Now, I know that kids will be kids and that this will not be the last time he will be laughed at or made fun of or whatever, but I'm not okay with it!  (And neither is their dad, who once Bug was in the car, might have scared those boys from ever doing that again!  I'm just saying... )

I'm not really sure why I'm putting this out there, other than to vent.  I know I can't shelter him from the real world forever, but I sure would like to!  When my kids hurt, I hurt.  When they're feel joy, I feel joy.  When other kids make fun of my boy... I want to punch them in the face.  Just being honest.



Yep, homework.  At three years old.  Granted, it was just writing his name, but I was shocked when we were asked to work on that and his letter recognition.  I could go on and on about pushing our kids too soon, but then again, it was pretty cute...


Button ~ Nine Months

She is determined.  She is on-the-go!  She is standing without support occasionally and has taken a step or two here and there.  She is delightful and loving, but she waits for no one.  She loves to eat, to snuggle stuffed animals, to climb stairs and over people (oh, she is a climber!), to stand at the door and watch her brother play outside, to get into the cat food and water, and to screech at us.  She prefers exploring to playing with toys.  She signs "all done", waves bye-bye, and says "mama" and "dada".  She dances when she hears music.  She sticks her little tongue up over her top lip in the cutest way. She is a morning person... which makes it tough for this night owl, but her smiles and jabbering when she awakes makes it all worth it.  She pummels the cat and he takes it; he is so understanding.  She very much dislikes waiting for her food, confinement, having her diaper changed, getting dressed and being in the car. When she's not happy, she already talks back with sharp grunts.  It's funny now, but boy are we in for it later!  When she's happy, she smiles her two-toothed smile and kicks her legs like nothing I've ever seen.  I wish I could bottle up that joy!