Button ~ Nine Months

She is determined.  She is on-the-go!  She is standing without support occasionally and has taken a step or two here and there.  She is delightful and loving, but she waits for no one.  She loves to eat, to snuggle stuffed animals, to climb stairs and over people (oh, she is a climber!), to stand at the door and watch her brother play outside, to get into the cat food and water, and to screech at us.  She prefers exploring to playing with toys.  She signs "all done", waves bye-bye, and says "mama" and "dada".  She dances when she hears music.  She sticks her little tongue up over her top lip in the cutest way. She is a morning person... which makes it tough for this night owl, but her smiles and jabbering when she awakes makes it all worth it.  She pummels the cat and he takes it; he is so understanding.  She very much dislikes waiting for her food, confinement, having her diaper changed, getting dressed and being in the car. When she's not happy, she already talks back with sharp grunts.  It's funny now, but boy are we in for it later!  When she's happy, she smiles her two-toothed smile and kicks her legs like nothing I've ever seen.  I wish I could bottle up that joy!

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