The Things I'll Miss

I know full well that each and every stage of childhood has it's own amazing and wonderful aspects.  Having seen one child go through so many stages already, it was funny how I'd tell myself "this is my favorite age!" and yet each phase gets better and better.  It all happens so fast.  I told Button not to grow up as fast as her brother.  She's not listening.  She's growing up even faster it seems.

Other than for the pure joy I find in it, I think why I'm so drawn to photography, is that I have an awful memory.  I'm compelled to capture all those moments that I don't ever want to forget.

I don't ever want to forget~

* Button's hand bent backward on my chest while she nurses
* her right leg up, left leg down way of crawling
* how she holds her pacifier when she's nursing and sometimes uses it to take a breather
* open mouth kisses
* her baby hands clapping, soft and uncoordinated 

* Bug's squeaky voice and how it up-turns with all of his curious little questions
* his face when he sees his sister first thing in the morning
* how he holds my hand when I lay with him at night, then lets go when he's ready to turn over and fall asleep
* how he thinks it's the fairies who leave him treats and surprises around the house and in the yard

These are the moments.  I know I have so, so very much to look forward to, but I will miss these things immensely.

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