To Protect Them Forever

Isn't that our job? I think so. To keep them safe, healthy.  To guide them into being caring, responsible, independent people so that one day when they leave us, they will do alright and are the kind of person we're proud to have brought into this world. 

Bug is a sweet, sweet boy.  I don't feel like we've sheltered him... okay, well maybe I have a little, but I think I've mentioned here before that I strive to protect the innocence of childhood and to maintain a sense of wonder for as long as possible.  I take those things very much to heart.  The big bad world will teach her lessons in due time.

So the other night, Bug and his dad went out to the store and when they returned, my husband said that Bug was doing some of his "ninja moves" in the parking lot when a car near them with two boys, probably around 8 or 9 years old, started laughing at him.  And not in the "oh, look, he's cute" sort of way.  They were being mean.  By the way, they were ALONE in the car!  Who does that anymore?!

Now, I know that kids will be kids and that this will not be the last time he will be laughed at or made fun of or whatever, but I'm not okay with it!  (And neither is their dad, who once Bug was in the car, might have scared those boys from ever doing that again!  I'm just saying... )

I'm not really sure why I'm putting this out there, other than to vent.  I know I can't shelter him from the real world forever, but I sure would like to!  When my kids hurt, I hurt.  When they're feel joy, I feel joy.  When other kids make fun of my boy... I want to punch them in the face.  Just being honest.


  1. As I read this, my gut wrenched...I dread the day that someone laughs or is mean to my sweet boy (only 9 months now). So hard as a parent!

  2. It is so hard! Breaks my heart sometimes. :(