That's what she is!  My snuggly, sweet little girl is a Pistol!  She is so fast.  So determined.  So smart.  She's going to give me a heart attack.  This girl gets herself in more sticky situations than her brother ever did!  She climbs stairs (in fact, heads for them as soon as you turn your back, and she is FAST.)  She won't stay seated in her high chair, not even with the straps. She wiggles right out of them.  I don't even know what to do about that one.  I guess we'll soon be giving up the high chair because it's just too dangerous.  She LOVES rough housing.  We tell Bug to take it easy when he plays with her, but in all honestly, the rougher he is, the more she loves it.  She's a wild woman.  What's an over-protective momma to do??

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