This week was tough.  I'll spare ya the details with the exception of tonight's disgrace.  With Bug napping, I corralled the girl in the kitchen and set off to begin dinner only to open the fridge and have a bottle of chai tea concentrate coming smashing to the floor, shattering the bottom of the carton, spraying all three kitchen walls, the ceiling, myself and the child who decided that said spill was delicious and crawled right through the middle of it tasting all the way.  She was covered in chai and since each meal ends in a bath anyway, I left her that way.  I commenced the chicken enchiladas that nearly overfaced me.  (When will I get it through my head that I can't do multi-step meal prep with a child under two??)  I was nearly through with the enchilada sauce when I bumped the wisk, flinging goopy sauce everywhere, including in my hair.  Awesome.  The smell of food was driving Button batty, so I put her in her chair with some goat cheese and hummus (the kitchen was already trashed, so why not bring out the messiest foods in the fridge?!) As Button was eating happily and I was finishing the enchilada dish, Bug woke up and decided to play in the bathroom sink, only to learn that beer coozies do not hold water (yep, playing with beer coozies.... I am the parent of the year.)  This lesson learned, of course, AFTER the coozies have been removed from the bathroom, leaving a wet trail in his path.  I give up...  it's a good thing they're cute.

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