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I've been M.I.A. from the blog for a while, hence the big catch-up today and through next week.  Sometimes, (like now) I find myself overwhelmed with my online "commitments" and family-update tools (commitments being used in the sense that I feel committed to them, no one else holds me to it.)  There's my personal facebook page, this blog, my Phanfare photo account...  I'm three months behind on my Phanfare photo updates.  Sorry, fam!

My time this past week has been spent on our 2010 family album.  Ever since Bug was born, I've done a yearbook for ourselves and the grandparents.  I ended it the first couple of years with his birthday in November, but with Button's arrival due on Christmas last year, I wanted to extend the 2010 book to include her birth.  Well, then you know how it goes with two little ones... it's September and the only reason I'm really pushing to get this book done now is that I have coupons that expire on October 20th.  I've narrowed the album down to just over 600 photos.  Anyway, long story to explain my absence, but that's what I've been up to.

In the meantime, the kids have been learning and growing exponentially.  Bug's back in soccer and his dad says his skills are awesome compared to the spring session.  He's moved into a new class at preschool and because of the number of 4 year olds in the next class up, he'll be changing again at the beginning of October.  I love hearing the little songs he's learned at school and sings to himself when he thinks I'm not listening.  Button can stand for a few seconds on her own and can walk while holding our hands.  She eats like a Hoover.  She doesn't let us miss a mealtime!  She's cheeky and sassy and loves to screech. 

Last weekend, we went to Longwood Gardens for a free performance for members.  It was an aerial performance troupe out of Australia called "Strange Fruit."  It was very cool!  Here they are performing their routine "The Three Belles" on 14 foot steel poles.

This weekend, we're heading to the Winterthur Gardens for the first time.  I can't wait to see the Enchanted Woods!  Then it's back to working on the 2010 album...

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