The Kindness of a Stranger

On the way to work, we pass a large cornfield.  Bug is often asking me questions about how it's farmed, starting with the "stinky poop dirt" (fertilizer) in the Spring to how and why it's being cut down this past week.  This morning, I saw the combine full of corn heading to the be loaded into the trailer.  I pulled over so Bug could watch and as I was getting him out of the car for a better view, the farmer approached us.  When I asked him if it was okay for us to watch, he directed me to a better parking spot and asked if Bug would like to sit inside the combine with him!  Call me crazy, but I didn't hesitate to let this man whom I've never met load my son into his tractor.
Once the combine was emptied, the man (whose name is still unknown to me) asked if it was okay if they cut a couple of rows and off they went. 
This may well have been the most exciting experience my little boy has had to date! This kind man has no idea that when given the choice, my son is a child who chooses his John Deere t-shirt every time, who watches DVDs about tractors and farming, who can name more John Deere farming and construction equipment than I can ever dream of.  He didn't have to take the time out of his day to entertain my kid, but he did.  He made both of our days and I'll always be grateful for his kindness. 


  1. Come back "home" and he can ride with Stuart all he wants!

  2. We'd take you up on that in a heartbeat!