The Tough Questions

We avoid the media when the kids are awake, but even more so this week knowing that much about 9/11 would be shown and heard.  Bug has the rest of his life to learn about the harsh realities of the world.  We hope to preserve the childhood of the kids for as long as possible.  Nevertheless, on the radio while we were driving today, there was a short tribute to those lost in 9/11.  It was a few sentiments from the family and friends of some of the emergency personnel lost in the terrorist attacks.  Then came the question: "Why did those people talk about people that died?"  I couldn't even respond to him, I immediately choked up.  You wouldn't know ten years have passed with the amount of emotion I still carry.  He asked again, to me specifically, and I was able to eek out "go ahead" to his dad so he knew I wasn't able to quite tackle our son's questions yet.  His dad told him that those people were firemen and police officers that helped save other people when some buildings fell down.  His dad did a great job of keeping the details out, but Bug continued to ask questions: Why did the buildings fall?  Why did the planes crash?  Did someone get the bad guys?  We're as honest as is suitable with him without telling too much.  I know more questions will come.  This is a very curious time for him.  He inquires as to the how and why of absolutely everything.  I just hope I'm able to handle it the next time, especially if his dad isn't there to save me.

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