A view of our week as captured through my phone, 
though not necessarily "instagrammed" shots.
 A beautiful mess.
 Teaching his sister to blow dandelions.
 She nearly got it!  Although, eating them was much more fun.
 Hop on Pop!
 Getting into the nightly routine.  She loves to do this herself.
Doesn't love it so much when mom has to take over...
 Sunday science!
Fun with baking soda and colored vinegar.
Seen on Pinterest.
 Love dirty toes!!
This was hard for him.  He was so reluctant to get in the mud.  
I was so proud. :)
 Ugh... Really?
 My favorite view (our bedroom window) from my favorite spot (the rocking chair) at my favorite time of day (early evening) with my favorite companions (shown below.)
 After-bath story time.
Warm, clean, snuggly kids.  My favorite.
 "Good Morning, Mom!  I made a mess while I was waiting for you to wake up."
 Bringing the beauty of spring indoors.
I love a flowering cherry.
 Birthday picnic for daddy!
We had to have it in the dining room on a cold, rainy Wednesday.
We had watermelon, sea salt chips, and monte cristos.
I highly recommend them. Nom, nom, nom.
 I knew the moment I saw these bad boys on Pinterest, they would be mine.
Chocolate chip cookie bottom, Orea middle (or Reese's cup. or caramel), brownie top.
Sinfully served warm with vanilla bean ice cream.
Happy birthday, baby.
 Hair before.
 Snip, snip!
 Hair after!
 Donating 13 inches to Children with Hairloss, a Michigan-based
organization that creates free hair pieces for children.
 Kitty Samwich.
Converse love!
I can't believe how big my little boy's feetsies are getting already.

Hope you had a beautiful week!

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  1. What an exciting week! Your haircut looks great! I have never been able to grow my hair long enough to donate! Those amazing cookies look so good!

  2. Thanks, Tamar! This was the first time I could wait long enough to cut. I've always wanted to do it, but got impatient... The cookies were awesome. You should try it - so easy! Bopping over to peak at your pics, too. ;-)