Down and Out

Illness struck like a... like a... like I can't even describe. Oh, if you have a weak stomach, you can leave now. 

It all started with the little man on Friday night.  I was making dinner, he was just through helping me cut tomatoes, when he said his stomach hurt.  Then, bam!  All over the kitchen!  I was a wreck at home alone (dad had to work late), as I tried to help Bug and somewhat clean up while sister was crying from being scared and determined to walk through it.  He was so sad, hollering "mommy, mommy, mommy" from the bathroom as I tried diligently to put his sister to bed before he got sick again.  His dad had no idea what he was coming home to.  He took care of Bug while I finished bedtime, but Bug was quick to tell him he didn't hold the washcloth on his head right... Guess I spoiled him a bit.  He slept with me that night and the poor dear would look at me, glassy-eyed, and say "I don't like this part, mom."  It really tugged my heartstrings.  He was A-okay by Saturday morning, just tired from being up all night, thank goodness because we both had to work and it would have been very tough to get out of it.  His nanny gave him great snuggles until I could pick them up.  We skipped the first soccer game of the season, which was scheduled for that morning.

Then the girl got it on Sunday.night.  We were driving... One second, she's singing along in the car, the next she's something out of poltergeist.  This was a new one for me - a child who couldn't warn me.  The first time Bug got sick, he was able to talk.  She can not.  She handled it so well.  She would play like nothing was wrong until the next time she got sick.  We decided the best way to handle nighttime would be to put her in bed with me on towels, which I would just change throughout the night.  It worked very well and by about 3 or 4 am, I truly haven't a clue what time it was, I'm just gauging by how (little) sleep we got, she was sitting up, her little lips smacking in thirst.  I nursed her and she was good.  Absolutely a ray of sunshine the next morning.

Her dad and I both got it at about the same time this morning and THANK GOODNESS his parents are visiting!!  I haven't a clue what I would have done with the kids and the two of us in a horrible condition all day.  They took the kids to the Wintherthur Gardens, to lunch, to soccer practice, and to dinner, bringing them home just in time for bed.  Saviors, they were.

I don't tell this for any reason other than to give my new-parent friends some ideas on how to cope with sick little ones.  They like cold cloths on their forehead, the towels on the bed worked well for Button since she couldn't give warning, they like to be as close to mom as possible and you WILL get sick, too, so plan on a backup if you think you'll need help when you're ill. This too shall pass (I'm just finding not as quickly with adults as with little ones.  They must have magic blood.)

That's about enough sitting up for me at the moment.  I'm back to bed.

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