This is from a couple of weeks ago - just realized I didn't post it!  We bought a volcano kit from Joann Fabrics for half off after Christmas.  It was tough on the not-so-patient child because you have to pour the volcano cement into the mold and let it dry overnight.  It was further torture on him because our days got busy and we waited until the weekend to make it explode (er... runneth over?) This kit was so cool because as the cement dried, it actually turned colors!  The mountain was a bright red and the crevasses for the lava stayed a greenish-gray. How cool is that?  It was a fun surprise after pouring in the gray mix. Bug had a great time doing this project all by himself!

 Adding the baking soda.
 Measuring the correct amount of water.
 Pouring in the citric acid.
 Special effects!
 And a dab of dish soap.
 Watch the magic!

 Let's do it again!
 Getting a bit more "hands-on".

A fun rainy day afternoon!

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