The Girl

This girl ~

* is a hoarder.  See those mice?  That was all of them.  She found them in a box at K and A's house on our last visit.  When she finds any number of something, she feels compelled to have ALL of them.  Cat toys, remote controls, pine cones, whatever.  Hoarder.  (Pardon the binky.  She's a bit attached all of a sudden.  We think it's that new tooth coming in.)

* is a danger to herself.  She CLIMBS!  Everything!  The couch, chairs, the beds, into her brother's hanging swing.  Then she stands.  Even dances with a big 'ole grin, just to taunt me! You can not turn your back on her.  Her brother was never like this.  We've had to hide all of the child-sized chairs so she doesn't use them to climb onto tables and counters.

* is joyful.  She is funny, sassy, bright.  She challenges me.  She tests my patience.  She has my heart.  She is trouble... so help me.

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