A view of our week as captured through my phone, 
though not necessarily "instagrammed" shots.
 I love sleeping shots...  And striped socks... And baby jeans.
Oh, and chubby fingers. Mmm, and dimpled elbows.
Stop me, please.
 Does this rug make me look fat?
 Tried to do tie dye for St. Patty's Day.  
To look halfway decent, I would've needed at least 2 more dye kits.
 Such cheerleaders for our Green and White.  
So sad about yseterday's loss.  :-(
 Pippi Green Stocking?
 The Mummer's Band at the parade.
They're a good time.  I felt a bit like we were in N'Awlins'.
 Hanging in DC with my little and our friends' baby girl.  
See that dandelion in my hair?  My boy has been gifting them to me like crazy.
He says they're "sunflowers."  I kind of think that if everyone thought of dandelions as sunflowers, the world would be a better place.  Just a tiny bit.
 Another floral gift from my boy.
 I see this and I smell fresh air on her sweaty little head, just in from playing outside.
She's starting to get curls, just like her brother had.
Boy, do we regret ever cutting his curls.
 Tea Party Dinner!
 She tried the "tea" and loved it!
It was Green Machine Naked Juice.
 Playing on the trampoline = Static hair!
 Just a gorgeous field on my drive home from work.
I'm not sure if the yellow is something that was being killed off (most likely), 
but I like to tell myself something was sprouting.
Regardless, it was stunning against a cloudy sky and the red barn.  
Very "primary."
 First ride on the John Deere!
 Love to you, Buddy.

Hope you had a beautiful week!
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  1. Your children are gorgeous :) And I too adore dimpled elbows and chubby fingers!

  2. Thanks, B! I hope your little Jones is doing great. He's adorable!

  3. Baby jean bottoms are my favorite, what a sweet picture! & tie die shirts for St. Patty's day?! What a great idea! I'm totally doing that next year!