Project Simplify Week One - Kid's Stuff

The first week of Project Simplify has ended. I finally tackled the kids' stuff in the basement storage room!!  (Huge sigh of relief.) I've been procrastinating on going through this mess for over a year and it just kept getting worse and worse...  The toys piled up, bags and bags of toys. As holidays, birthdays, and Christmases passed, I'd try to keep a good rotation of toys in the kid's bedrooms and a small selection in the living room, but it got to be too much and most stuff was just ending up in the storage room.

I started by laying out my bins for toys to keep in rotation.  As I went through each bag/box/bin of toys from the basement piles, I sorted into everything into keep, giveaway, trash or save-for-when-they're-older piles.  It took about four nights of work after the kids were in bed, but tonight I wrapped it up.  It feels so great to be done. 

 The mess. It's actually much worse than this photo shows...

 Getting started.

 Done!  Four bins for toys to rotate (I intended to do a rotation about once a month) and one bin of toys to hang onto for when they're a bit older.

The giveaway and donate piles!
 Mission accomplished!

Next week: The kitchen or pantry.


  1. Love the toy rotation. It has worked really well for our daughter.

  2. Great work! I love that the kids get "new" stuff every few weeks. Looks good.

  3. Thanks, Kate and Janel! It's great when they get a "new" box of toys and are occupied with it for a bit. The only trouble is when my four year old says "hey... where did my (fill in the blank) go?" Good luck with week two!