A view of our week as captured through my phone, 
though not necessarily "instagrammed" shots.
 After living in our neighborhood for almost 9 years, we just discovered there was a trail behind our house.  Hiking time!
 He found a tree that had fallen and the base was moss-covered.  Of course, a mossy berm with nooks and crannies must have fairies inside!
 His first theater movie! Awesome afternoon date with my little man!
He was most impressed that the ticket lady knew exactly what room to send us to and that the rooms where all numbered.  Kids notice all those little things we take for granted!
 When I put his sister down for her naps, I typically find him reading in his room.
It always makes me so happy to curl up next to him and read whichever story he's been browsing.
It's usually a Richard Scarry book.  They're the coolest.
 I made a scrub for my pans and he jumped right in, scrubbing away!  I love a little helper.
 Making chicken pot pie.  
He says "Mom, I cut carrots like a ninja!"
Who can resist a sleeping baby with her rump in the air?
And those delicious thighs...

There's our week as viewed through my phone.  Hope yours was beautiful, too!

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Shoot!  I forgot it was canned food drive week for InstaFriday...
Does it count that my husband bought a food drive donation bag at Safeway last night?!


  1. So so sweet. LOVE that last pic especially. Your little man looks SO excited to see the movie. How fun!

  2. So cute! I love the carrot cutting ninja comment!

  3. What a sweet little helper you have! Clicking over from InstaFriday.