Easy Bird Feeder

Another Pinterest project share!  I refuse to be a pinner who doesn't follow through.  I'm making it my goal to actually try the things I pin (whether they be new ideas or great reminders of old ideas.)  It's been so much fun!

This weekend, we made this easy birder feeder.  It's something we probably all made as kids, but I'd forgotten about.  It only took 10 minutes, tops, and Bug thought it was super-cool to do something to welcome the birdies back to our yard. (Although, I'm going to admit, I think the only critter to find it so far has been a raccoon.  There are claw marks.  Better move it to a higher branch.)

All you need are a couple of toilet paper rolls, peanut butter, and bird seeds.  Done.

Update: We moved the feeders up and were greeted yesterday morning to the sound of cardinals and chickadees!  So exciting!

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