I read somewhere recently that children of Bug's age (three-ish) tend to become obsessed with superheros and superpowers.  It's an age at which they're cognizant of the ability to do just about anything they want to, but they usually lack the height, strength, and/or speed to do many of them.  To compensate, they develop "super powers".  Bug is definitely a superhero lately.  When he does things, it's always with his "super strong powers."  I love it.  And I love encouraging him to be a superhero.  If I can build him up in a way that doesn't involve a sugary snack, I'm all for it!

We have a fitted sheet that bit the dust.  What better way to recycle than to create a super cool, super stylish, superhero cape?!  He is so proud.  Someday he'll grow out of this phase.  I just hope it's not too soon.

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