Ready for Soccer

This photo, more than any other photo I've seen of my boy lately, brings to my attention that he is no longer my "baby" boy.

(Ack! Harsh flash - sorry)

Yes, he will always be my baby at heart, my firstborn, my favorite son, but he is looking so. much. older.  Three! Team sports! Before I know it he'll be driving, dating... not holding my hand to fall asleep at night.  My heart aches at the thought.  Since becoming a parent, I dwell more often than I should on the passage of time.  I am painfully aware of how fleeting each stage of their lives are, whether challenging or glorious. And even more so now that I have two of them.  Life is life - busy, chaotic, always moving forward and I've learned, as one must learn on her own, that it's true what they say:  Enjoy them now. This too shall pass.  Hold them while  they still want to be held.  Nothing captures how I feel more than this post at A Design So Vast.

He is gearing up for spring soccer.   At age 3, I'm sure it'll be more running, kicking, and screaming than actual sport.  I can not wait to watch him on the field.  I'm already beaming with pride.

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