I Live for Saturdays

I look forward to Saturday all week.  It's the day when I can sleep in (until 7:30 today!), snuggle with the kids, take it slow.  Saturdays have all the promise of an unscheduled day without the anticipation of the work week that Sunday brings.  Here's how ours began today.

In addition to this snuggle-fest we have already:
* had cheesecake for breakfast
* had a screaming, laughing pillow fight in the kitchen
* read stories
* and watched Button "swim" through tummy time

Turns out Button didn't have an ear infection after all.  I was so convinced that was it, but the symptoms stopped the next morning and ear infections don't just go away.  Instead, I think we've entered "the teething zone."  I admit, I'm not ready for it.  Not because of the actual teething part, but the part that means my baby girl is growing so fast.  She turned 3 months old this week.  Three months!  I'll post her monthly photos soon.  I kind of went nuts (I have that tendency) and took about 250 shots.  The hard part is choosing just a few of my favorites.

I hope you have a great Saturday.  I'm off to play Batman now.

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