Conversations with a Three Year Old

My little boy is so much fun to talk to and his vocabulary has grown leaps and bounds.  He amazes me with his thought process.  He makes me laugh with his one-liners.  His memory is incredible.  Here are just a few quotes and conversations from this week.

"Baby Sister, you shine bright like the sun!"
Said while hugging her after his Monday afternoon nap.

"I want to go fishing in that pond with grandpa with my Buzz Lightyear fishing pole."
Said out of the blue this past weekend while he was painting his butterflies.  The last (and only time) he went fishing with his own fishing pole with grandpa was over Labor Day weekend last year.  Is it me or is a memory from over 6 months ago pretty awesome for a 3 year old to remember?  He does it all time!

Bug: "Mom, I dreamed about school last night."
Me: "You did?  What about school?"
Bug: "Everything! Everything!"
This was a simple conversation but meant so much to me for two reasons.  1. It was the first time he's ever told me about a dream (Awesome!) and 2. it was a good dream about school.  We had a very rough start with his entry into preschool.  LOTS of tears, night terrors, anxiety...  I was very close to pulling him out, but all is good.  Now, he just tells me I take a "long, long, long time to pick him up."

First Day of Preschool

We pass several fields of crops on the way to work.  Last week, they dumped some huge manure piles on a particular field for spreading.  We talked about the "poop dirt" (how else would you explain manure??), how that was the stinky smell we were smelling and how it helps the crops grow.
Driving to work yesterday morning I said: "Hey Bug, it looks like they spread the poop dirt on the fields! The piles are gone."
Bug: "The craps will be beautiful!!"
Ha ha! If he only knew how funny that mispronunciation was!!

And lastly, I had a very sweet talk with him on the way to preschool this morning. Bug has just noticed that there are people of different colors.  His teachers and classmates are a rainbow of colors.  They talked about notable black figures for Black History Month in February and it was his first time he'd ever talked about different colors of people because at home we've never differentiated.  He's realized that with people, what we call black is actually brown, so he now calls anything that is brown, black.  Here's how the conversation went:
Bug: "How did we get a white baby sister?"
Me: "Mommy and Daddy are both white, so you and baby sister were born that way."
Bug: "No, Daddy is black."  (Daddy is very tan, unlike my pasty self.)
Me: "Daddy is darker than us because his skin is tanned.  There are many different colors of people, honey. Some are cream colored and some are light brown and some are dark brown.  They're all beautiful aren't they?"
Bug: "Yep. They are."

My heart smiled.

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