I heart organizing.

I love to organize: drawers, closets, my husband...

I follow Simple Mom's blog and I had her book, Organized Simplicity, on my Amazon wish list long before it was released.  I've recently finished the chapter about creating your family's purpose statement.  It led to a great discussion with the hubby about how we want our home run, how we wish others to feel in our home, and the purpose of our lives in general.  Here's what we came up with:

May we consciously choose to live a life that is: 
healthy, creative, peaceful, joyful, eco-minded, balanced and communicative.  
We respect each other and have compassion for all living things.

I'm reading the book when time allows, but more regularly I'm following Simple Mom's Project: Simplify which details how to tackle five different "Hot Spots" one week at time.  The first was the closet.  I usually gut my closet about every 6 months, finding a few things to purge, but this time I really dug in.  She recommends actually trying on every single item in your closet to determine whether it's worth keeping or not.  I admit, I didn't do that.  However, I did touch and evaluate every single piece of clothing.  Here's what's leaving:

And the finished closet.

I love getting rid of things.  It feels so liberating.  I know the closet still looks full, but I really do wear *most* of that.  And I'm saving some pieces for when I lose the baby weight.

The next Hot Spot is paper clutter.  Kitchen countertop, here I come!

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