Project: Simplify - Hot Spot #2

Project: Simplify's Hot Spot #2 was paper clutter. It was everywhere in my house.  The laundry room, the basement, the kitchen table... we tackled them all, but the worse offender was the kitchen counter.  We were both at fault.  We had "his" and "hers" paper piles, which typically included keys, remote controls, spare change, sunglasses, phone chargers, batteries, and random tools.  These kitchen piles have been my arch nemesis lately, mostly because we just recently did a very mini-remodel of the kitchen by installing an Ikea cupboard, re-positioning our island against the wall, and clearing the counter top near the stove (for the most part).  It gives the kitchen a much more open and clean feeling.  It was all out of necessity since Bug's latest obsession with getting up in the morning and getting into anything he could reach on the counter.  Namely the sugar bowl (breakfast of champions!) and Big Daddy's dangerous oh-so-fun tools.  Honesty, I can't believe we didn't do sooner.  It's a wonderful change.

But I digress... the piles.  After all that the piles remained.  We attacked them this week and we put up a hanging wall organizer.  It has a key rack and a separate slots for my stuff and his as well as a third slot we'll use for outgoing mail.  I can't remember the last time my counter top was this clear.  I'm so excited to have space for cooking!  It took me longer than a week to make it happen.  Things I have a mind to do around here will get done, but not necessarily within a set time frame. I'm so hopeful we can make this one last.  I am LOVING a clean counter top!!!!


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