Joy of Luck Photo Class - Days One to Six

I did part of Willette's Joy of Love online photography class in February and have also been following the March Joy of Luck class.  Joy of Luck is a shorter project and I find it easier to complete than the Joy of Love, mostly because Joy of Love required more shots of the husband as it progressed and he majorly frowns upon my posting of his photo on the web...

That said, here are my photos for days one through six of Joy of Luck... starting with a shot of the hubby.  Oopsies.

Day One - Gift.  Photograph something that defines a gift in your life.

My husband is an amazing gift.  He moved across country for me.
He's my best friend. I love sharing this life with him.
(I cheat.  This photo was taken in 2008.)

Day Two - Green.

Tulips started popping up in the backyard this week.  
I love a shot of color after so many months of gray and brown.

Day Three - Lucky Symbols.

A horse shoe. It was Muddy's, my horse of nearly 10 years.  He's gone, but not forgotten.

Day Four - Seven Favorite Things.  I could do the obvious things like my home, my vehicle, my camera and my cell phone, but the following all have sentimental meaning or are special to me in their own way.  In no particular order:

#1 - A hydrangea I've had since my grandmother's funeral in 2000.
It has traveled from Michigan to the East Coast and has survived three re-plantings.

#2 - My journals for the kids.  I started journaling when Bug was a week old and did so weekly through his first year.  Then I kept up with it (roughly) monthly until Button arrived.  Now I'm back to weekly writing.
They are precious to me and I can't wait to share them with the kids one day.

#3 - My chimes.  They hang below our bedroom window.
I love the sound they make.

#4 - My grandma's colander.  I use it almost every day.
I have beautiful memories of picking beans, strawberries, raspberries, and currants from her garden and rinsing them in this colander.  Then she'd make pies.

#5 - Bird Girl
She lives in our garden (with Momma Kitty!)  I just love her.

#6 - Our fountain. Very Zen-like. Beautiful sound.
(I cheat again. Thing photo was from last summer.)

#7 - A boat my grandfather made.  It lives in Bug's room.
It sat in their basement for years and I never knew it existed until their estate sale.
It was already entered in the sale when I first saw it.  I paid $90.

Days Five and Six - What Brings Luck and My Biggest Blessing (two in one photo).

For me, the moment I became a mother was my luckiest, most blessed moment.  It changed me and awakened me in so many ways.  This photo was taken by Big Daddy in October.

One more posting to come for Joy of Luck! Tomorrow is the final day of the class. 


  1. great post and beautiful photos! thanks for sharing.

  2. Lovely photos! I especially like the colander shot!