I have a blog!

I am a recent lover of blogs.  Mommy blogs, photography blogs, cooking blogs, decor blogs, crafting blogs...  It all started with the blog of all blogs, The Pioneer Woman.  From then on, I've been an addict despite the limited time I actually have to follow them, given a full time job, a three year old (whom I'll call Bug, for privacy, you know), a 2 month old (henceforth known as Button), and a house that I demand maintains some sense of decency. I start my own blog by saying this because as I've interacted with several of these blogging folks, they've asked me if I have my own where they could see my photos, etc. It never crossed my mind to do so.  I love photography, but I'm not a pro, mommy blogs are a dime a dozen, and while I LOVE artsy stuff, I don't really create my own crafty ideas, I just follow the instructions of others well.  But then the other day I got to thinking - our friends and family are scattered across the East Coast - Michigan, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Florida.  I know they love to hear the updates and funny stories about the kids and life in general, but quite honestly, I don't have the time to phone everyone as often as I'd like.  Why *not* start writing about it?  So, here it is!  My first blog post.  Enjoy!

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