Summer Reading - Book Reviews

Because you care what I think about what I’m reading, right?!  These are my very poorly written book reviews of what I’ve had my nose in recently.

Remember this photo from my "I might have a problem" post?  Well, I've finished some of these books and haven't the others.  I'm still working on Brat, Understanding Exposure, and Mommy Mantras.  Guess I've been more interested in the leisurely reads lately!  Here's my two cents:

The Hunger Games – By Suzanne Collins. Fun, quick read.  I loved it, although, I’m not sure why because the whole futuristic/World-is-not-what-we-knew-it-to-be type of story is not my typical cup of tea.  Add to that that it’s about children fighting to the death.  I really can’t believe I even read it, but I loved it and I’ve just finished the second of the three books in the series!  To get an idea of what an easy read it is, I finished The Hunger Games in just three days, while nursing Button or before bed.  They’re making a movie now (due next March), with a total of four films planned.  Yay!

Baby-Led Weaning –  By Rapley and Murkett.  Good for those clueless about this style of introducing first foods, but I honestly didn’t read through the first chapters about the history of feeding babies, other parents’ stories, etc., etc.  I cut right to the middle where it talks about what foods to start with, when, how, and most important to me – won’t they choke?!  I got the info I needed (gagging is good!  Well… it serves a purpose anyway) and then tucked it away to refer to when Button’s a bit older and is ready to move onto more complicated foods.

Organized Simplicity – By Tsh Oxenreider.  Remember my theme for the year?  Simplicity.  I’m sticking with it and while I’ve read through this entire book, I haven’t yet completed the assignments.  I’ve worked my way (slowly) through my house to de-clutter.  I’m just about done, with the exception of the basement storage room.  It feels so great to put out the donation bags for the local Cancer Federation full of clothing and stuff we now longer need or use.  I’m waiting to do the whole house room-by-room heavy cleaning until I can fling open the windows again.  Fall project!! 

Planting Dandelions – I saw a review of this book and I thought it sounded like something I’d enjoy, so I put it on my Amazon wishlist.  Several weeks went by and I was surprised (thanks, honey!) when it arrived on my doorstep in the recognizable brown box with a smile.   At first, I had mixed feelings about this book.  It’s a memoir and while I was enjoying the read, I kept thinking to myself “why am I reading about someone else’s life when I hardly have time to function within my own?”  But, I kept reading.  And I liked it!  And although I didn’t always relate to the author’s life experience, there were other times when I truly felt she could have been peeking through the windows of my home and writing exactly what she saw.  For as many blogs as I follow, I might be the only person who read this book before knowing the author is a successful blogger by the same name.

Simplicity Parenting – By Kim John Payne. GREAT book!!  That’s all I’m going to say right now. I’m going to do a whole post on this later.
There it is!  Now, onto book three of the Hunger Games! Oh, I will be so sad when I’ve finished them all… So excited  for the movies!

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  1. In love that we have similar book tastes so I can borrow them when you are done :)