Button ~ Eight Months Old

I honestly can’t believe it’s been a month already since my last monthly post of Button.  She’s learned so much in the past few weeks!  She is waving bye-bye and saying "uh oh!"  She is not only pulling herself up to standing, but sidestepping all around her crib and the side tables.  Her smile beams brighter than I’ve even seen when she’s standing up – so proud of herself, she is. She’s even tried to stand up in the middle of the room, but that doesn’t quite work without a hand-hold yet.  She is crawling.  Fast!  This little girl is on the move and we are no longer baby-proof.  Help!

Her bottom teeth are more than halfway up and a top tooth just started to poke through yesterday at exactly 8 months old.  This girl loves to eat!  At lunch the other day, she packed away a whole banana.  At dinner a couple of nights ago, she had a whole kiwi, a good portion of rice noodles w/cabbage, half a peach and hummus on broccoli!  She gets very demanding at mealtimes and simply cannot wait until I prepare her food.  She yells at me to hurry up!

And on that vein, she is Demanding!  She knows what she wants and she wants it NOW.  She’s still super sweet, but she most definitely has her own opinions and ideas.  She loves her brother to no end, but when he’s bothering her… oh man, he’d better watch out.  She’ll pull his ears or his hair and just chew him out.  He, of course, thinks it’s funny and eggs her on.

At this early messy phase of self-feeding, she gets a bath after nearly every meal and loves it.  What she doesn’t like these days are her carseat, having her face wiped, being told “no” (so it begins…) and getting dressed.

Here are her 8 month photos.  I have to say, this is an impossible age to work with to capture these shots!  What was I thinking when I thought I could get a year's worth of photos where my baby would simultaneously sit still, look at me, and not eat the props??  She doesn't want to do anything but crawl away from me or try to stand, so pleased she is to exercise her new-found mobility.  Getting her to hold the little owl calendar without devouring it whole or face-diving off the chair was a mega-challenge. And the big calendar... well, I just tried to strategically place it wherever she wanted to be at the moment.  Little stinker.  

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  1. Love the one of her crawling on the calendar, great depiction of her at this stage!