My Mommy Manifesto

Before Bug was born, I started my own Mommy Manifesto.  It’s just a list of “must do’s” that I made for myself as I imagined becoming a parent.  I continued adding to it once he was born, but I haven’t looked at it in well over a year.  I pulled it out the other day. 

My Mommy Manifesto:
·         Honor the importance of family meals
·         Do activities together, rather than acting as a chauffeur
·         Don’t overschedule
·         Talk about each day’s highlights and disappointments
·         Grow a garden together
·         Share passions
·         Volunteer
·         Enjoy the outdoors
·         Travel, travel, travel
·         Day trips – explore locally
·         Write down goals and work toward them
·         Save money together
·         Cook together
·         Meditate together
·         Be and encourage good role models
·         Find their unique gifts and foster them
·         Laugh!
·         Relax!
·         Try to experience something new everyday
·         Always greet them with enthusiasm
·         Stay educated so I make wise choices
·         Take care of myself so I can be a giving and forgiving mom
·         Create traditions

Many of the things I wrote down, we do without even thinking about.  Some practices will come a bit further down the road as the kids get older and others I definitely need to work on.  Even if I fail in some of these areas, I hope that, no matter what, they know they were loved.

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