Four Months Old

She is good-natured and smiles easily.  She hums herself to sleep.  She has squishy little fat rolls.  She flirts sweetly with a bat of her eyelashes.  She loves bath time, looking at her hands (one holding the other), rolling her tongue around in her mouth, and burying her face when she sleeps.  She prefers screeching over babbling.  She adores her daddy.  She can pull herself up while holding our fingers and she can reach for and hold her toys.  Her little hands are quick, usually grabbing a fistful of my hair. She is teething - lurching to gum anything in her path and drooling like crazy.  She doesn't like tummy time.  She smiles not only with her mouth, but with her eyes, especially when she knows you're looking at her.  She's a good baby.  We think we'll keep her.

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