What is it with bedtime??

~ While putting him to bed one night, out of nowhere he says "The world is my nemesis!"  Wha??  Where on Earth did he come up with that??  I guess he really might be a superhero after all...

~ While putting him down for a nap (last week??), I was laying with him with the baby on my chest, hoping to catch some zzz's myself.  About a half hour into his nap, he pops up out of bed and leaves the room.  "Where are you going?  It's not time to get up yet!" I say.  He's blank.  Doesn't respond. I hear a strange sound and he walks back into his room buck naked.  "What did you do?  WHAT did you do?!?!"  Again, blank stare as he crawls back into bed.  I jump up to discover his rocket ship underpants in the hallway and the garbage can (the one we keep next to the kitty litter) has been used as a urinal.  Now I've heard of this (and may or may not have witnessed it myself) in drunken college boys, but I'm in real trouble if my 3 year old is a pee-pee-anywhere sleepwalker!  His dad sure did get a kick out of it.


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