Mommy Learns a Lesson

I'll admit, with the kids I can be quick to react.  When Bug does something that I specifically tell him not to do, I get frustrated as any mom would.  The other day, he taught me a valuable lesson about my quick reactions, one that their father was (thankfully) there to witness and to also point out as a real flaw of mine...
Sometimes, I need to stop and listen to the whole story.

Bug's preschool has cameras in his room that I'm able to log into from my computer at any time of the day while he's there.  I love it!  Yes, it feeds my helicopter-mom tendencies, but that's a whole other post!

When he was settling down for his nap one afternoon, I saw him take something out of his pocket several times, look at it, hold it for a bit, and put it back.  It piqued my interest, so I watched him more closely that day and saw him do it several times.  He never showed it to any of the other kids or to his teachers.

I picked him up, forgetting to ask him about what was in his pocket and once we were home and sitting down to dinner, he reached in and pulled out one of his Mobigo game cartridges.  I remembered then about the pocket mystery and quickly scolded him, telling him that he's not supposed to take toys to class and I was angry because he could've lost his game cartridge.

"But Mom, it's my clock and I was waiting for you to come get me 
and the clock said you would be here soon."  




I love this kid's heart.  I love that he has an imagination.  I love that he loves me and misses me during the day because I love and miss him, too.  I don't check his pockets before school.  I honestly don't care if he takes his "clock" again.  If it gets him through the day with a smile, then I guess some rules are made to be broken.

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