My Word for 2011

As 2011 approached, I read several blog posts about the typical stuff: resolutions, reviewing the year past, and setting goals for the year ahead.  A couple of the posts mentioned choosing a "word" for the year to come.  A word to focus on with intention and to live by.  Some people chose words like Trust, or Authenticity, or Kindness.  I didn't feel a connection to any one word more than another.  Having just had our second child on Christmas Eve and navigating life as a mother of two, I think the most appropriate word at the time would have been something like Overwhelm or Tired. But one word has shown itself to me time and again the past several months and I have declared it my "word for 2011."


In previous blog posts, I wrote about my participation in Simple Mom's Project: Simplify, which led me to her book, "Organized Simplicity" (which I'm devouring and putting into practice with gusto every chance I get).  This book focuses on de-cluttering - each room of the house one by one, as well as life in general, finances, etc... clearing out the crap.

Then one day I was browsing my Amazon Wishlist and saw that over a year ago I listed a book called "Simplicity Parenting" and bought it that day.  Very randomly, another site I follow, Clean shortly thereafter started an online book club based on that exact book!  We've just finished week/chapter four of "Simplicity Parenting" and while it's interesting to see many of my own family and child-rearing values echoed on the pages, there are so many other great ideas to put into practice - all with goal in mind of raising happy, well-adjusted kids in a loving, peaceful, rhythmic home free of physical and emotional clutter.  I plan on writing more about this book once I finish it.

Project: Simplify, Organized Simplicity, Simplicity Parenting... I realized I'm obviously drawn to a theme right now and it's not surprising since the whole of 2011 has been an ongoing challenge for me  as I struggle to balance my roles as Mother, Wife, Housekeeper, Cook, and Employee.  As I've said before, I'm a recovering perfectionist and I take it to heart to be the best I can be in every one of my roles, which often leads to frustration.  What better way to manage that than to embrace simplicity?

I love my word for 2011.  I'm glad it found me.  More correctly, I'm glad I finally noticed it.  It feels great to purge the junk of life, be it material or not, and focus on what matters.  And these guys are what matters...

I realize I just posted this photo on Mother's Day,
but it's my favorite right now, so you get to see it again.

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