Right Now #3

Right now (photos taken Saturday afternoon):

~ It's warm and the windows are open.  The only noise is the traffic in the distance.  It's a peaceful afternoon.

~ Button and I have just woken up from napping in Bug's room. Today was an exhausting soccer day and we all crashed together.  Poor daddy had to go back out and work, though.

~ We're all sick with a cold.

~ Button is feeling playful.  She's exploring in her crib - her owl, her mobile, her silky little blanket, her feet.

~ Bug is still sleeping, wrapped up in his "polka dot blankie".  I received that Little Giraffe blanket as a gift from my mom the day after I told her I was pregnant.  It was my first baby gift! We were all so sure I was having a girl that she bought a brown and pale pink blanket with pink and green polka dot edging.  It's his one and only "polka dot blankie" to this day.

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