My Best Friends' Kids

It was a first of hopefully MANY visits last weekend with my BFFs... together at the same time... with children.  (Big Smile!)  Kim, Lindsey and I have been friends since we were eleven years old.  22 years!!  We went to middle school, high school, AND college together where I lived with Lindsey the entire four years.  There is so much history between us that I sincerely consider each of them family and love them as my own sisters.  We've shared every milestone in life with each other - the awkwardness of preteen life (the bangs! the cheesy music!), the trials of high school, the learning curve of new-found independence, relationships, growing pains, mischievous deeds, the loss of loved ones, and as we aged, the wisdom of self-discovery. I was in each of their weddings and both of them in mine. I can't begin to describe how much they both mean to me.  And by some wonderful, random, awesome stroke of luck, we all now live within two hours of each on the East Coast.  It was so awesome to gather with our own little ones for the first time. We are so lucky!

 The Wee Ones!

 Hanging out.

 The girls in brown.

The mommas with our "next generation" of girls.

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