InstaFriday... on Monday

Whoopsies!  Busy weekend...  Here's a snippet of our week as viewed through my iPhone.  We celebrated so many things!  A clean bill of health from the dentist, Valentine's Day, a visit from a friend, and the birth of my NEW NEPHEW!! Woo hoo!! 

 You think they'd give me some shades the next time I go in for a cleaning 
or is it just a special perk for kids?
 I worked last weekend and handled hospitality for our event.  
It's always nice to do event planning around a holiday.
Kisses and hearts!

 Our neighbor brings us treats.  She is Awesome.
 Boy's already having college girls come visit him.  We're in trouble!
This is the sweetheart who adores Bug and gave him the puppy he's been holding since the day she left for college.  She came over and made him Mac N Cheese.  
No wonder he loves her...
The newest member of the family.  
Congratulations to my sister and her husband on their firstborn.
I'll have to think up a cute nickname for him for the blog.  ;-)
Welcome, darling boy.  We love you forever.

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  1. Adorable baby! Love his little hat too.

  2. Isn't that sweet?! The hat was provided by the hospital. Hand-knitted by ladies at a nursing home. LOVE!