It's been a week... and it's only Wednesday.

I'm not looking for sympathy.  Just an ear (eyes?) to whine to.  Moms need to whine sometimes, too, ya know.  It's a crazy week.  I feel beaten up and it's only Wednesday.  None of the "issues" are bad per se, just a lot to manage and I feel like whining.  So there.

~ I am hosting my sister's baby shower on Saturday in Michigan. That IS NOT something I'm whining about.  I've been longing for the day to shower her with so much love as she anticipates the arrival of her firstborn.  I can not wait to see her and our family.  I mention it because it's been occupying my thoughts and time for the past couple of weeks.  I was a genius and decided to hand make her baby shower gift and I didn't even start it until this weekend.  Not smart.  I have no other option than to finish it tonight, the night I have to do three loads of laundry, finish the baby shower games, wrap presents, pack, clean out the car, and, and, and...  What was I thinking?

~ I have to drive to Michigan with the kids tomorrow.  It's a drive that takes 10 hours on a good day.  I'll have two kids so with potty breaks, nursing breaks, eating and meltdowns... well, it'll be well over 10 hours.  The last time we drove to Michigan it was a nightmare.  We swore we'd not make that trip again for many, many moons.  Then I remembered the shower.  I don't look forward to tomorrow.  I won't have my husband, but I will have my friend and younger sister to help with the drive, thank goodness.  (But seriously, can't Scotty just beam me up??)

~ I had to meet with the accountant for my husband's business last night.  Year end stuff.  Big stuff.  He reminded me that 1099's were due.  Yesterday.  Whoopsies.  Guess I'll bust tail to get those done when I get back on Sunday night.

~ I don't have my nanny this week.  I do have my sister and she's great with the kids, but Bug doesn't quite respect her as much as he does his nanny.  It's a minor challenge, but on a week like this...

~ Starting two days ago, my co-worker is out for the next 8 weeks for knee surgery.  She is a mastermind of scheduling and I'm floundering trying to fill her shoes, in addition to balancing my own tasks.  Again, a minor challenge overall, but did it have to begin this week?  I'm a mess.

So there it is. How's your week going?

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