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Today on the way to work, Bug was asking about the heart, something he's been very interested in lately.  He says to me "people eat food and the heart squishes it up and the food goes into the blood and keeps the body healthy."  Gaaaahhh!  So cute!  It was even cuter because of the way he says healthy - "helfy."  Today, I ordered this book so we can talk all about the circulatory system together.  I'm so excited! I love science!  We're also getting this book and this book, too, because he's always asking questions about the Earth, but especially about volcanoes.

On Saturday, Bug said his sister's name correctly.  Since her birth, he's mispronounced it, and he said it correctly multiple times and it brought tears to my eyes.  I love the way he's always said her name. :(

We had our first emergency room visit while we were in Michigan.  Bug was playing in the hotel room (monkeys on beds!) and he hurt his arm.  He was okay for a while (dinner, swimming at the pool), but later in the night, he wouldn't stop whimpering.  We left for the hospital at 12:30 and were home by 2:30am.  They were great there.  They did three scans, but couldn't tell if there was an issue in the growth plate, so they put him in a temporary cast.  He was a champ!  This Wednesday, the cast came off and our pediatrician checked him out again.  There was no pain, so he's all clear!  Better safe than sorry.

Chilling at the E.R.

The temporary cast.  
Since dad wasn't on this trip, I asked Bug to make a "tough face" to send a photo to him.  
He couldn't do it without laughing.

Button's bedtime routine for quite some time has included a tickle section.  She tickles me on my face.  I recorded it tonight.  Don't adjust your screen.  It's all black.  I was just recording the sound.  "goya, goya, goya, goya..."

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