Mother's Day

They spoiled me.  They always do.  I got to sleep in until 8:00 and was awakened by a handsome little man bearing a plate of scrambled eggs.  Some of the best eggs I've ever had actually!  Cheese, tomato, basil...  Wow!  Then Button climbed on my lap with her daddy next to her and a box.  New gym shoes!  I'm trending in hot pink kicks now.  They're rad.

I joined them downstairs for breakfast and then we had a leisurely morning - planting my new yellow roses in the tall planters and playing outside.  In the afternoon, we dropped off Big B for his softball game and the littles and I went out to lunch at Panera.  Good food, good kids, iced coffee...  It was such a nice outing.  They behaved so well.  It was definitely a proud parenting moment.  After lunch, we joined their dad at the ball park and watched the second game.  Button and I played in the shade while Bug made some new friends and played T-Ball.  He was so adorable cheering on his dad!  At one point, he was sitting in the bleachers next to another player's wife and I heard him say "that's my dad!  See him?  He's the bald one!" 

After the game, we let them play at the playground for a bit.  Button conquered the slide all by herself!  She's getting so big.  Later, we grilled at home and the kids got even dirtier playing in the sandbox.  Nothing like dirt and sunshine to tire them out!  They went to bed easily and we caught up on Mad Men. It was a perfect day. 

The Luckiest Momma in the World

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