With our surprise visitors last week (yay!), I wasn't online much.  Sorry for the few and far-between posts.  I missed InstaFriday, too.  Here are two weeks' worth of iPhotos.  A little glimpse into our everyday...  Enjoy!
 Team Photo!
 Our Pele Kitty
 The boy loves rocks. 
These were found in one pair of pants while doing laundry.
 Bed head!
I call these her duck feathers.
 We celebrated our 8th anniversary.
Crazy in Love.
Our sweet nephew.
 I couldn't get enough of him. 
 Aren't kids so sweet and snuggly after bath time?
 She pommels this cat every chance she gets.
He takes it so well.
 Ahhhh!!!! Smiles!
 Fun at soccer.  He scored two goals this week!
 Rockford Park
 Hat. Tights. Squishy Baby. Love.
 Making "dirt" at preschool!
 Spaghetti and Chutes 'N Ladders.
Switching it up for dinner!
 I'm so lucky to be able to put her down for her nap every day at work.
It's the best part of my day.
 Then again, maybe picking her up and seeing this smiling face is the best!
 And then she runs away from me...
 Helping daddy plant flowers in the front yard.
 He came to me and said he was ready.
I thought it was awesome!
I rarely lay on the couch, but I've been catching up on season one of Game of Thrones on-demand so we can watch the new season together.  Pele LOVES this snuggle time with mommy.
 I brake for turtles.
 Soccer practice picnic.  Sassy 'lil thang.
Have a great weekend!!

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