A view of our week as captured through my phone, 
though not necessarily "instagrammed" shots.
 Our clematis bloomed!  Now if we could just find time to get the fountain up and running again...  See those sad dry rocks?
 Not dry rocks!  On Friday, we had a "date night."  We've gone to the movies together a couple of times since Button was born, which was a treat.  But this.  This was awesome.  It was a leisurely meal, a really nice meal at Brio, an incredibly delicious Italian restaurant, without the kids.  Oh, how I love them.  But, oh how I loved being able to dress up (in heels no less!) and not worry about wearing what they might toss at me.  I loved adult conversation without spelling and codewords and throwing signs at each other as we normally have to do at the dinner table.  It was wonderful to enjoy some time with my husband.  He's a lot of fun and it's great to be reminded I'm not "just a mom."  We've committed to do it more often.  And we will.
 Reading a magazine (upside down) while we snuggle in brother's bed.
 I love this photo.  
I love how you can see how the shape of her face and her mouth is his.  
I love her wispy hair.  I love them.
 I said he looked like Princess Leia.  He said "who?"
 Sent this to my momma on her birthday.
She lives too far away.
 My girl LOVES my shoes.  Don't they look huge next to her little legs?
 No words.
 He's trying to figure out how he got stuck on the inside.
I love the little surprises I wake up to in my room. :)
  We picked out a few annuals for Bug's preschool teachers and printed these free downloads for Teacher Appreciation Week. 
Bug's self portrait.  
Hope you had a beautiful week!

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