A Girl and Her Cat

This is my Button doing what she does almost daily to our 10 year old cat, Pele.  She adores him.  He is a saint.

Once upon a time, we were the "crazy cat people" with five of them in the house.  After a series of unfortunate events, we now only have Pele as the Ruler of the Roost.  Momma Kitty and Nate are our beautiful "garden kitties", living in the backyard (don't worry, they are VERY well cared for.)  We don't know what happened to sweet Katie.  She got out one day and we haven't seen her since.   I miss her so...  And the grand dame of them all, my Biggie, my Salem, lost her health exactly one year ago and was peacefully put down in my arms.

That said, Pele still hasn't quite adjusted to life as a loner, but the kids make sure he doesn't get too bored.  Personally, I think he loves to get pummeled as much as the little delights in pummeling.  Best. Cat. Ever.

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