Are You Pinning?

I love Pinterest.  It's waaaaaay cooler than having 200 bookmarked pages on your computer.  The idea is that you create "boards" (for example, some of mine are "eat", "create", and "decorate") and when you find something online that you love, you "pin it" one of your boards.  Now every time I log onto Pinterest, I see my boards full of all kinds of fun stuff saved in one place!  If you click on the photo of your pin, it'll take you to the original webpage where you found the idea or item.  So, so cool. 

Last Sunday, Button and her daddy were napping, so I went to my Pinterest boards to find some ideas I'd saved for the boy and I to do.  Here's what we came up with:

(minus the eyes!)
We did this one on Tuesday night.  It needed time to freeze solid.
We had a few casualties!
And for dessert: Minty Lemon Slushies
Thanks, Pinterest!!

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  1. I love Pinterest! You found some cool activities!