This Too Shall Pass (via Under the Sycamore)

Button popped a tooth this weekend.  I nearly cried.  It's a pretty significant milestone, going from a delicious toofless grin to one with teefers.  I discovered the little tooth bud at the high school graduation party of my boss's oldest daughter; a young girl whom I met when she was just 9 years old, freckle-faced and infatuated with ponies.  Now she's the drop dead gorgeous "shot girl" at the local canal-side restaurant and leaving for college soon!  Since I was already an adult at the age of 24 when I met her, that really makes me feel old.  And it makes me VERY aware of the (Wait! Stop! Put the breaks on!) passage of time, which is sometimes too much to bear.

I was really struck by Ashley Ann's "This Too Shall Pass" post on Under the Sycamore. Her take on the oft-said phrase is not in the negative overtone that it's typically associated with, but with the understanding that even the precious things in life aren't permanent.  I was in tears reading it.  Man, can I relate!  I'm all mush as I write this now. I hope Ashley doesn't mind if I post a few of my own lovelies:

Bug in yellow monkey rainboots, even in 100 degree heat... this too shall pass.

Button gumming my chin, back and forth like a frisky puppy... this too shall pass.

When a hug is his face pressed against the side of mine... this too shall pass.

"Mommy, hold my hand"... this too shall pass.

Underwear with monsters on the butt... this too shall pass.

Family snuggle pile on Sunday mornings... this too shall pass.

Fairy houses in the woods... this too shall pass.

Laying next to him until he falls asleep... this too shall pass.

Mid-night nursings, tiny hand on my neck... this too shall pass.

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