Summer, Summer, Summertime!

Wow... It seems like so long since I've posted anything!  Would you believe I have over 1200 photos to go through from the past few weeks?  Get ready for some serious photo-sharing (as soon I dig myself out!)  Life's been crazy, but in the best way.  We've caught up (nearly) from our time away in SC the first week of June and have had my younger sisters, Jill and Ashley, with us since then.  They're watching the kids for us during the day, giving us a month-long break from childcare expenses (yay!) and doing projects for us while at home to earn some extra cash this summer.  It's great to have them here.  We're cooking a lot and having so much fun doing it. We made P.W.'s Cinnamon Rolls, gazpacho, fresh veggie spring rolls, and homemade waffles while Kim and Andrew were visiting last weekend and Jill wants to make the cinnamon rolls again before they leave! 

They love P.W.'s cookbook (and I love my signed copy - thanks, Kim!!)

We made her Mac 'N Cheese last night.  That girl does not go light on the butter!!  Not diet food...  Anyway, we're just enjoying summer!  I'll be sharing more of our adventures soon!


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